Nature Elements in the Universe

Nature Elements in Human Being

Lord in the Universe has the ability to confront anything, he makes changes, he is the first and last, he the ace of all things, he is the creator of the universe, everything that happens is just through god's order.

He is the ruler of universe, he has made haven and universe,he is the proprietor of Nature's 5 components (water, Air, Fire, Earth, sky) all has its own character,all creatures on the earth has its own particular features,all creatures has its own particular vitality of these 5 components to some extent, for Example a Fire can consume anything besides a man can alive even he got fire, because he can control the heat of the fire element,as said a man can survive and confront the increased vitality of nature's 5 elements, if he knows how.

The components essentially allude in antiquated Greece of earth,water,air,fire,aether and neter are to clarified the nature and many-sided quality of all. Antiquated societies in a few nations and in India had comparative lists,these components are depicted more as energies or common energies each living must need.
Nature elements

These distinctive components had broadly shifting clarifications concerning their characteristics and how they identified with each other we can not live without the energy of these natural components.

While the characterization of the material in the components has different types. All creatures are the formation of natural elements, but the degree utilized is different in all beings,fish get by in water,birds in air, insects in soil, etc, individual cannot leave more in water, fire, air, earth, sky,but it is possible through the solid connection of brain and body, which is called nature supernatural power.

It is demonstrated that all the antiquated frameworks were right clarifications of the world. It is said that nature 5 Element hypothesis is a right explanation, and that can be ordered into more than a hundred substance elements. These components frame synthetic mixtures, and under various temperatures and weights and qualities, The most usually watched conditions of solid, liquid, gas, and plasma share numerous properties with the components of earth, water, air, and fire, respectively.

The idea of the five components shaped a premise of examination in a different culture it is said that it is from Buddhism. In Hinduism, especially in an elusive context, the four conditions of matter portray matter, and a fifth component depicts what was past the material world. In History the four awesome elements, to which two others are once in a while included, are not seen as substances, but as classifications of tactile experience.

A Book Greek content called the Kore Kosmou ("Virgin of the World") names the four components fire, water, air, and earth.

The 5 components of nature in Vedas, the Pancha mahabhuta which are the"five powerful elements", of Hinduism are bhūmi (, Jala, Tejas or Agni, Marut, Vayu or pavan and vyom or shunya (space or zero) or Akash (aether or void).They additionally propose that all of creation, including the human body,is made up of these five fundamental components and that upon death, the human body breaks down into these five components of nature, the framework is adjusting the cycle of nature.

The Cycle of Nature Elements 

Wood encourages fire

Fire makes earth

Earth bears metal

Metal gathers water

Water sustains wood.


Wood parts earth;

Earth assimilates water

Water extinguishes fire

Fire liquefies metal

Metal cleaves wood.

The Element featers

Fire is at some point hot and dry.

Air is sometimes hot and wet

Water is both chilly and wet.

Earth is both chilly and dry.

We are utilizing the energies of these components in different ways which our body adjusting the elements. Can we increase these energies in our Body?

we should understand the internal energies, our physical hunger, emotional hunger, mental hunger, the spiritual hunger we need to encounter the otherworldly hunger, the profound craving which is co-identified with the inward energy, and 5 components energy of nature.

we need to work with light to end up noticeably the extraordinary Light being that creatures that we are, to move through the season of the move.

As capable profound creatures in the universe, we should center around individual and all-inclusive harmonization in our lives, which will lead us to self-learning affection and a piece of the psyche.

The guideline of our way of life will significantly enhance our wellbeing information and Happiness and increment our psychological capacity to confront anything we get a clearness and natural limits in our lives.

We need to begin the accompanying exercises throughout our life

Meditation, Prayer, Mind Mastery, A vegan Diet, Exercise, Service, Use of Devotional and so forth to be a Nature well-disposed person.