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Lemon Health Benefits.

Lemon Health

Some intresting facts and uses of Lemon in different activities.

For thousands of years, people using Lemon for many health benefits,it is used in all Modern Cosmetics.
As said lemon tree can produce up to 270 kg of lemons per year.
Lemons is a nature’s best fruit,is an Asian origins it is mainly from the Far East (India and China)where it was found and growing for many uses.
Lemons are are used in many Secrate activities mostly in Black Magic.
Lemon trees produce fruit all year.
The high acidity of lemons make Cure lot of Health solutions.
Lemon contains the chamical like calcium, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium - antioxidants and  minerals  that helps improve the appearance and condition of body's hair, skin and nails and in inner health problems.

Lemon use

Health benefits of Lemon

Nature Enery in Lemon Fruit Lemon  is an excellent important source of Vitamins C and B6.
The pectin that  lemons contains give a very important type of dietary fibre.

It is source of Vitamin C

A Lemon fruit create proper resistance natural energy in the Body,Problems like Pimples on 
Skin,Rashes,Dullness,Open pores,Scares, Skin Marks, Dark Circles,and used for hair related problems.It helps to creat a normal functioning of the nervous system in the body.
It contains an incresing iron absorption.
It work as energy management which contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system
is a Skin Cleaning system it is good source for the normal functioning of teeth, in almost all cosmetics creams a Lemon is used.
Lemon is used for making soft Drink it helps normal functioning of blood vessels.

Vitamin B6…

Helps create proper resistance helps in the decreasing of fatigue, is good for the formation of red blood cells.
In India people using Lemon for diffrent purpose.
In real world Mainly indians use Lemons in Black Magic,means they believe in that activity some people are not believing in Black magic, but some people believe,fact  is true a lemon has the power to attract a magic.
In india people use Lemons in some festivals,Pooja's,Marriage,etc some belive that it is good sign to carry a lemon, if a person is going outside or to a hunted place.Indian astrologist said that a lemon is all solution.
In some states in India lemon is used for Black Magic,they used lemons for attracting the Evil, take controle over the evil, and to remove the effect of evil on someone and it is true it works,if you meet a astrologist for any solution related, he may give a solution but what is the fact in real,one or in another way he definetly use a lemons for his work.Some says it as story, but why you scare to walk alone at mid night, if you think there is a evil around you, than you believe in that story.
A lemons is for good purpose and bad,think what a magic creation of Lemon in the Universe,lemon is a nature best source of energy and power.
In india many  people take use of lemons for thier health benefits,they use source for their,skin and hair and works good.
If you use a lemon juice in the mornig with one glass of water daily,you will active,and it totally cure the health related disease.

Lemon juice

Lemon food

Lemon products
Taking a lemon squeeze in the mornig with one glass of water with Haldi day by day, diminish the fat,and it cleans the red platelets. 

Drinking lemon juice with one glass of water every day evacuate the impact of terrible dreams in night. 

Lemons has the ability to expel the negative energy,it makes positive vitality in the body.Lemon is a nature blessing yet it harmfull too, in light of the fact that it is utilized as a part of some awful exercises as said above.

What is black Magic

The name creates fear of creating someting bad to someone,and it is used for healing purpose as well.One of the common object used in Black magic is a humble lemon.It allways take place in closed doors and in some forest areas. Black magic is used and someting practiced to kill someone or harm a person, Necromancy is the creativity of communicating with the dead, it take place by summoning their body or interacting with their spirit.
 Lemon is the most common things used in black magic, common sight of lemon is in the form "nazar battu, in some houses it is hanged at the entrance, means for attaction the goddess.
It is used in many food recipies, and used with other ingredients for taste in different foods and for health benefits.
The nature creation in the universe has a lot of things,different plants have different magic energies,lemon is one of them.

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