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Ashok ka ped

Ashoka wroksha the Evergreen tree.

The tree found in india in a few spots,it is usually planted in school gardens,park,beside road 
Ashok ka ped
government workplaces etc.In India it is planted in outline in some gardens,the tree grows like a statue stright,in kannada it is called (Kadamba)tree,a little evergreen tree,the leaves are paripinnate,drooing,leaflets. 
It is a hallowed in hindus and warshipped on the period of chitra,the tree is asymbol of affection and happiness. 
It is well known in the name (Ashoka Wroksha).It is named as Lord (Putanjivi)the tree has solid leaves and dependably green,sometimes the leaves of the tree looks shading in yellow and red blend,in this manner it is called (Tamra palla)tree,the tree has blossoms and fruits,is 40-50 inch in height,we see the gathering of trees planted in a line next to street and gardans.
The bark of the tree shading in gray has antibacterial properties,it contains chloroform,methanol properties,all segments of the tree is utilized for treatment of plentiful number of disorders,and it is likewise utilized as a part of secrate black enchantment. 
It is sacrosanct tree of Buddhists,in hinduism the blossoms are utilized for adorning sanctuaries,it has many ayurvedic properties which is utilized for complex physical issues,before consume womens ought to counsel the wellbeing proffessional. 
(Saraca asoca) tree is utilized as a part of restorative items like soap,face cream,beauty products etc,it has a grate medicinal properties. 

Health benefits

Ashoka leaves1.Help in basic enduring circumstance. 
Planting Ashoka tree in the Home gardan,will give you the positive vitality throughout everyday life. 
2.Progress throughout everyday life and overcoming. 
Wearing the leaves of the tree in the your hair you will dependably in advance and beat the basic circumstance,as said in astrology. 
3.For the favor of godess. 
Offering water to the ashoka tree everyday,we can recive the gift as bless,of god which helped fortified and improved living. 
Wearing the laurel of seed of ashoka tree around the neck,whatever course you choose in life there is dependably achievement. 
5.Cure all illness in ladies. 
Take 10 leaves of ashoka tree,boil up the leaves in water,for 15 minuets,drinking the water everyday for 41 days,all malady of ladies will cure. 
6.Cure mental and emotional stress. 
Eating 11 leaves of tree everyday in the morning,you will constantly free from strain and stress. 
Wearing the root bark of tree around the neck,you dependably in profit,it ought to be in a privilege way,to get the advantage. 

Saraca asoca) tree8.Remove the negative ill effects. 
Take 6 blooms of ashoka tree make it as powder,mix with unadulterated Hony,eating the blend every day,will expel the basic circumstance from the life. 
Directing the supplication of tree and its root everyday,you will get,increse your sucess rate. 
9.Free form negative vitality. 
Hanging the leaves of ashoka tree in numbers like 12,16,24,32 leaves at the passage of your home,it gives you bit of mind,and you are constantly free from negative vitality. 
10.Blood purifier. 
Take the bark of the tree,make powder of it,take 2 teapoons of pure Hony,and 1 glass of water,mix well the 
ingredients,drinking the juice every day in the morning,will sanitize the blood. 
Ashoka blossoms are utilized for controling the dysentery,
12.Skin disorders.
Take 1 teaspoon of root powder of ashoka tree,1 teaspoon of Hony,and 1 teaspoon of Rose water blend the ingredient,and apply the blend on the skin,let it dry for 60 minutes,and wash the skin with warm water,do the procedure 2 times for 7 days,skin will be free from rashes,pimples and open pores.

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