Beauty and power

Butea monosperma

Butea Monosperma health benefits
The Butea Monosperma tree is one of the natural beauties, and is local to India,normally it is found in forest areas,flowers are shading in orange and red,it is the most beautiful and attractive plant,many of the leaves are utilized as a part of some exceptional work and have numerous therapeutic benefits,the blooms develop in the month of February and March,the leaves develop in spring season,the tree branches with 3 leaves each having 3 leaflets, it is utilized in(Homa Havan)a private custom activities in Hindu tradition,the entire tree is spreading inapposite direction with hard branches, in Hindu convention leaves are utilized as plate for eating sustenance by joining the leaves one another,the leaves are dull green, in round shape, size in 8 to 10 meter long, the tree is additionally planted in some gardens and nurseries. The parts of the tree comprises of flowers, leaves, branches, root are utilized as a part of treatment of extensive variety of illness in a common way,the tree produces the organic fruit in red and white color, in March and April,the parts of the tree are utilized as medicine for treatment of malady like agony in stomach, stomach ulcer, acid reflux, gastritis Intestinal worms,(mutradosh-urinary tract infections), low eye vision etc. The tree is likewise utilized in some dark enchantment exercises the plant is sought after for its restorative advantages in Ayurveda.

Different names  






English-plame of the forest,Dowry Branch buter. 

Bengali-Patal ghab 




In Veda the Butea monosperma tree is called Brahmavraksha, and give high respect,(Maharshi or seers)who researched  nature power and elements and its representing laws said this tree is a lord of all trees,and they asked requesting gift something otherworldly knowledge from the tree, in homa and havan pujas Butea monosperma tree is used, in Hindu convention a narrative story says that egal excoriating on the sky, one of the feathers of the bird fall on the earth than the tree is conceived. 

Butea Monosperma tree
In(dharma Granth cosmic law, phenomena)it is said that the branch of the tree having 3 handouts leaves, connected to each other has a message, the focus leaves occupied the place of Lord Vishnu, on the left involved the ruler Brahma deva, and on the privilege possessed lord Shiva. 

person who wanted to end up plainly a (sanyasi a man who is in fact outside the social crease of life) the initial phase in the methodology is, he will be giving a leaf of Butea monosperma tree to eat,and a(piece of wood-kolu)of the tree is given for the sake of Brhamadandu to turns into a sanyasi. 
Ruler Vishnu, Lord Brahma Deva, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh, and master gangadhara are arranged in the tree it is called a Devamaya tree in Hindu tradition. 
Petition of the tree in an arrangement of method influence a man to free from hell, you can fulfill the requirements in life, it is a favor of God, that you will get (Ashvameda), the prayer of the tree in Kartik Purnima Holi festival, you can fulfill your needs. 

Health benefits 

  • Increase the stamina level
  • Reduce heart disease
  • Remove fitta kafa
  • Blood in pitta
  • Leprosy treatment
  • Mulvyad
  • Food poison
Root exposed juice of Butea monosperma tree is useful for the treatment of Intestinal worms in the body, gum teeth disease, blood in teeth. A drop of water from the bloom of the tree is useful for treating gum infection it is early curable. 
  • A cough
Take the blossom juice of Butea monosperma tree, mix Haldi and drinking the juice will cure of a cough. 
  • Ear illnesses 
Dropping a bloom juice will cure of ear sicknesses. 
  • Butea monosperma tree is the cure of Filaria illness. 
In traditional Ayurveda, the parts of the tree were utilized for treatment of issues like pain and bacterial infection in ladies pregnancy at the season of birth to an infant. 

A Miracle thing is you can see the stars in daytime, climb up at best of the tree, and endeavor to see the stars on the sky, they show up in the daytime you will see the stars on the sky. 
  • Treatment of numerous hard ailments 
Take the root powder of Butea monosperma tree, mix banana tree's juice, drinking the blend will cure numerous hard ailments in the body. 
  • High fever 
Take a bit of root exposed of Butea monosperma tree, wearing the root around the stomach, for 2 days you will cure immediately. 
  • Non-pregnancy
Take 5 leaves of Butea monosperma tree, paste it and blend it with one glass of milk, drinking the blend every day for one month in(rutu kala a very rich period) it cures non-pregnancy issues in women. 
  • Clear eye vision 
Take flower juice of Butea monosperma tree, apply a drop in the eyes, it improves the situation in 6 days you will see the impact as your eyes are in clear vision. 
  • Blood in teeth and gums 
Take a single leave of the tree, paste it and blend it with haldi, and apply the blend on the teeth in the affected area it relieves the torment and controls the blood in the teeth.