Curry leaves

Curry leaf Curry plant uses.

curry plantThe curry plant is local to India and southeast Asia, the tree tallness between 5 to 12 feet, is a mainstream popular kitchen plant, which is utilized as a part of food item,has numerous ayurvedic benefits,it is more used for its characteristic flavor in many dishes,the leaves are utilized as a part of numerous dishes and nourishment items, in India the leaves are utilized as a part of nourishment things and for ayurvedic solutions to cure extensive varieties of disease, curry tree name itself gives a sweet flavor,it is utilized not just for taste in food,but additionally utilized for treatment of extensive varieties of infections like Acidity,Julaab,Diarrhea,high Sugar etc. It has an assortment of multi advantageous vitamins,the tree is used for production of curry oil,many large industries in India utilizes the curry tree to extract the oil and for production of many ayurvedic and herbal medicines like,hair oil, soaps, face creams, medical tablets, etc, the scientific name of the tree is (Marraya koenigii).
The curry leaves are utilized to make chutney recipe and used most in breakfast, sambar, dal and so on for its pleasant flavor and taste. 

Different names

Hindi-Katta neem,kadi patta. 

Marathi-Kadia neem 



Malayalam-kareya pale 


Sanskrit-Giri neem 

The tree delivers the organic fruits which are similar to grapes, leaves, root bare, trunk and fruits of the tree are utilized as a tonic for the treatment of wellbeing related problems, a single natural fruit contains just a single seed. 
The tree basically found in red soil, and need more water, in the winter season it develops well, it needs more water to develop in the spring season, the age of the tree is 25-30 years. 

Curry leaf.

Medicine properties 

Vitamins,Iron,vitamin A,vitamin B1,vitamin B2,vitamin C,Niacin,ec.t 
Health benefits

1.Cold and high fever
A man who is experiencing high fever, curry leaves fill in as home medicine, take 8 leaves of curry tree, boil with 1 glass of water for 15 minutes, drinking the blend 2 times in a day will cure of high fever and temperature.
2.Weight loss
The leaves are utilized for adjusting the body, take 15 to 25 dry leaves, make it as powder, mix the powder in one glass of water, drinking the blend every day in the morning, help to lessen the weight, do the procedure for at least 1 month, to get the great outcome.
Take 5 fresh leaves of curry tree make it as a paste, mix it with 1 teaspoon of unadulterated Hony, eating 2 times in a day, will give help from the agony and cure the disease, do the procedure for 1 week you see the progressions.
4.Vomiting in pregnant ladies
Take the curry juice of 3 leaves, blend it with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, drinking the blend 2 times in a day stops the vomiting.
5.Biting Insects
Curry leaves are known to be a powerful toxin poison killer, take two curry fruits, mix it with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, and apply the glue in the affected area, it diminishes torment and cures the agony.
Make a glue of two leaves of curry tree, mix it with 2 teaspoons of milk and apply the glue in the affected area, it cures the torment.
Make a powder of the root of curry tree, mix 2 teaspoon powder with 1 glass of cool water, drinking the blend you will cure of acidity.
7.Diarrhea (julaab and loose motions)
Blend the powder of 8 leaves of curry tree with 1 glass of warm water, drinking the blend two times in a day gives alleviation from julaab and lose motion.
8.Bleeding disorder
Make a glue of 8 leaves of curry tree blend 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, and 1 glass of cold water, drinking the blend every day for 3 days in a week you will cure of (raktabedi) and julaab.
9.Liver ailment and contaminations
Blend 10 leaves of curry tree, with 1 glass of water, boil the blend for 10 minutes, drinking the blend 2 times in a week, in empty stomach every day in the morning,is advantageous as it is against viral and kills the microbes in liver, clean the liver, and cure the liver contamination.
10.Hair loss 
Applying the oil of curry tree on the hair regularly will protect minimize hair loss, your hair will be solid dark and shine, apply for at least 2 months for the best outcome.
11.Raise the Hunger hormones
The curry tree fills in as a tonic which raises the hunger hormones and prompts increment sustenance to allow in the body, eating 3 fresh leaves of curry tree every day early in the morning is helpful as it increases the hunger hormones in the body.

Curry kashaya(herbal drink)is more useful and superb drink which counteract numerous wellbeing issue, cure the health disorders like acidity, digestion,julaab bleeding issue and so forth.
It is a standout amongst the most useful trees and ayurvedic homegrown medicine, which has the ability to cure the sugar disease, it controls the sugar level in the body, it is a tonic to cure sugar disease, regularly utilize is more useful.