Fenugreek leaves methi leaves Fenugreek benefits for natural energy.

Methi or fenugreek  plant and health benefits.

The Fenugreek (Methi) the plant is from Europe, Ethiopia, scientific call of the plant is Trigonella foenum-graecum,belongs to fabasi family, that's a regular pharmaceutical to treatment immense assortment of disease, the plant has diverse names, deepani,bahupatrica,bodini,bahubija,jati,gandapala, Chandrika,kunchika   

Fenugreek leaves methi leavesMethi leaves are utilized as fine vegan sustenance in different countries, more in south India and utilized as a part of traditional, ayurvedic pharmaceutical for cure of many hard sicknesses, seeds of the plant are used, in ayurvedic treatment of large extensive variety of disease,and additionally used to prepare remarkable dishes for decent fragrance,the plant grows 30 to 60 centimeter in top,with small leaves,the whole plant is dependably in green shade. 
Developing fenugreek. 
Methi plant develops in all type of soil, specific in red soil, and dark soil wishes more noteworthy water, which develope most in the winter season, with cold weather, the entire plant is most useful underway of the ayurvedic solution. 

The chemical ingredient of 'methi plant' 

Eating routine Vitamin A 
Sustenance B1 
Eating regimen Vitamin B2 
Different names
Fenugreek seeds 
Fenugreek seeds 

Exceptional sorts of dishes from methi leaves,'Fenugreek medical advantages'. 

A standard sambar formula from'fresh fenugreek'methi. 
You could prepare a simple sambar to soup in a home from methi leaves that is tasty, and healthy. 
Take 1/2 fresh coconut, take 3 teaspoon of sambar masala powder,2 onion, and 1 bunch of methi leaves, make it as glue in the mixer,and finally fry four seconds the whole paste,mix the total fried glue in sambar,and boil for 10 mins,the methi sambar set is ready. 
Methi rice formula. 
Take 1 pack of methi leaves clean it well and cut it in little piece,take some urad dhal,half cup of chickpea (garbanzo),half spoon of mustard seeds,and four chili pepper,boil it for 20 minutes,and mix 1/2 cup of tomato paste,blend a little amount of chili,salt,and half glass of water,boil the mixture for 15 minutes,take the whole glue and mix it well in rice,the methi rice is readied. 
Methi seeds
Fenugreek seeds

Methi parotta formula  
Methi parotta formula makes taste parotta at home.
Take wheat flour, mix methi leaves, chili, salt, cumin powder and a little drop of oil,make delicate mixture of it,and the daugh for five mins,heat a tawa and place the circular parotta at the tawa,while parotta is brilliant expel from warm methi parotta is set up for taste. 
Methi parotta recipe make tastee parotta

Clinical advantages of methi plant.

1.Fenugreek for diabetes mellitus 
Methi is a lovely solution for sugar and diabetes, ingesting 2 teaspoons of methi squeeze every day in the morning, in empty stomach, you can control the sugar and diabetes it's miles fabulously curable cure in Ayurveda. 
Take 1 teaspoon methi powder, and 1 glass of buttermilk, ingesting the mix in a regular 2 times in a day is the treatment of absorption issue. 
3.Mysterious agony 
Take one glass of simple water, and 1 teaspoon of methi leaves powder, mix well the component, ingesting the total normal for 1 week, you get the help of pain, methi is the ache killer medical solution. 
4.Abdominal agony 
Eating the leaves with clean rice and 2teaspoon of butter (ghee) is the intense cure of stomach hurt. 
5.Heat bumps 
Apply the glue of methi leaves at the affected area, make it as a bandage, do it for three days you will get treatment of warmth knocks. 
6.Burn mishaps and torment 
Apply the glue of total of methi leaves and chilly water, it offers cure of burn ache. 
7.Urinary tract contamination
Ingesting the blend of one glass of buttermilk,1 teaspoon of methi powder, for 1 week you may get cure from urinary tract defilement. 
8.Increase breast milk
Make a habit of eating every meal with a total of methi each day, is more beneficial, for women (moms) who're experiencing the inconvenience that they're never again creating adequate bosom drain to their babies.methi has the protein which empowers enhance the bosom drain producing. 
9.Reduce hair dandruff hair loss
Take one hundred gram methi leaves, hold it in clean water for 1 night time, on tomorrow make a glue of it, and apply on the hair, leave it for 2 hours, and wash the hair, in bloodless water it diminishes the hair dandruff, and make your hair healthy and solid. 
10.Zits, marks, scars, and spots 
Apply the mixed glue of methi leaves and new amla organic fruit on the face, and wash the face after 20 mins, do it for at least 1 week to get rid of all pores and skin ailment.