pomegranate juice benefits.

Does pomegranate juice lower blood pressure.

Pomegranate (Dalim Anar)is a prominent organic product in Bangladesh, India Pomegranate a compelling and a characteristic medicine fruit, which has been utilized for thosands of years to cure extensive variety of ailment in the world,it has a considerable measure of shrouded control and amazing benefits, as it contains plenty of vitamins and minerals,battle the numerous scatters like diabetes,heart disease and cancer,the trees are likewise usefull,the natural product's leaves, seeds, root is earlier utilized as home grew medicine in ayurveda,the tree grows 7to 8 feet in height,in all places, it grows 10 to 20 feet stature on the off chance, that it is an old tree, the tree developed in numerous parts of the world,the leaves are small and shade green, flowers shade red,and blossoms, are goreous develops in the month of february and march,the crude organic product has white seeds,and age natural product has red seeds,the organic product becomes ready in the long stretch of august september, before it gets sweet the seeds of the fruit, color in pink,there are two types of natural products, one test sweet and another taste sour, the pomegranate fruit is a second grate fruit after mango.
pomegranate fruitThe natural fruit is antiviral has a rich wellspring of vitamin C, vitamin B5, and vitamin A, it is likewise a cancer prevention agents calming properties in it. The organic fruit is called Eart god in Hinduism, the taste is an interesting flavor in all natural fruits.
Propensity for drinking pomegranate juice increase the immune framework in the body, drinking the pomegranate juice every day is more beneficial,it averts Stroke,Cancer,Weakness,Hair loss,Increase blood cells, Cholesterol, Heart sickness,etc..the organic fruit is more beneficial for children as it increases the immune system, blood formation, reduce the warmth, you can appreciate the natural product after a supper is more effective, in whatever we can state it is a supernatural occurrence natural product on the earth. Tablets and medications are most mainstream measurement today utilized as a part of the development of platelets which contains the regular ingredients of pomegranate fruit, as it is utilized as a part of medication ventures. 
In India the pomegranate organic fruit is utilized as a part of celebration season, it is one of the 6 natural products which is utilized as a part of a celebration like Deepavali, Dasera and so on in the petition of goddess Laxmi and Durga. 

pomegranate health benefits
pomegranate juice benefits

Health benefits of Pomegranate fruit.

Blend the root powder of the tree in cold water and apply the glue on the forehead, you will get a quick and effective result.
Take the root of the pomegranate tree, cumin root, and rose bare root, blend it with one glass of cool water, leave it for one night, drinking the water of the root early in the morning, cures all sort of pimples on the body, do the procedure 2 times in a week.
3.Pain in eyes and burn injuries
Take the leaves of the pomegranate tree make it as paste,apply on the torment easy abandon it for 1 hour,and wash the eyes in cold water,it will cure the torment immediately.applaying on the burnt skin will cure the agony,do it for at least 3 days in a week you will see the outcome.
Take the flower juice of pomegranate tree, drop the little measure of juice in the nose, it prevents the nosebleed from the nose immediately. Drinking the bloom squeeze once in seven days will cure the nosebleed.
5.Clear Fitta, and work as the Blood purifier
Make a propensity of drinking the pomegranate juice 3 times a week, it adjusts the fitta, drinking the natural product juice, every day in the morning will purify the platelets.
6.Liver infection 
Drinking the pomegranate organic product juice is beneficial for liver-related sickness like Joindice, Stone in the liver and so forth, it protects the liver from bacterial infection and keeps up ideal wellbeing.
7.Teeth and Gum disease 
Utilizing the Branches of pomegranate tree for cleaning the teeth will cure teeth and gum disease.
Drinking the pomegranate juice after a meal is more beneficial to the individuals who are in the issue of acidity, gas trouble, it decreases the assimilation energy of the stomach.
9.Dark circle
Take 1 teaspoon of dalim juice,half teaspoon of Honey,and half teaspoon of aloe vera gel,blend the ingredients and apply the glue around the eyes at night before sleep, and wash the easy with warm water in the morning,do it for at least 8 days you will see the outcome in 3 days.
10.Glowing skin 
Take 2 teaspoons of pomegranate juice,1 teaspoon of lemon juice,1 teaspoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of rose water, blend the ingredients well, and apply the blend, keep it on the face for at least 40 minutes,and wash the face in cold water you will see the outcome in first day..

The parts of the tree are utilized for Black enchantment exercises (Tantra mantra).
keeping the branches of pomegranate tree in the house at the passageway gate,will protect and clear the negative vitality and stops to enter the house,root and,leaves,are utilized for vasikaran,pulling in someone,take the powder of leaves and root exposed of the tree,mix it with (white mustard seeds) powder,applying the blend on the forehead,you can attract anyone,women's can use to attract their husband.