Healing power of Earth in Earth science and prithvi mudra of elements fire water air earth and benefits.

Earth element (Prithvi)

Earth the component of Earth is appended and closely related to the signs in astrology Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, and it additionally runs the Second, Sixth and Seventh Houses. All the gritty illustrations are proper in this concept, salt of Earth, feet immovably planted on the ground. people who graced by an Earth sign in their horoscope are pragmatic, grounded and reliable. These people don't go for any broke in their lives, they very much want a beyond any doubt thing. 
Earth is the component of soundness, it is one of the 5 elements of nature which related to the establishments of the body. The Earth is the domain of intelligence, information, quality, development, and success. Earth is likewise the physical Earth on which we are living in life. It is fundamental in spells and customs of thriving, business, fruitfulness and soundness. Earth is a component which represents stone and bunch enchantment. Earth element contains metal. 
Earth Earth is the third planet which rotates around the Sun, is a major magnet system, with the north and south shafts as focuses of attractions and gravity. It's attractive energy and gravitational power always affects the everything on the Earth, it may be living or non-living things. It turns in its own particular pivot direction from West to East which is the creation of day and night. People have a characteristic and passionate proclivity with the Earth. The Earth always spins around the Sun and has a gravitational and attractive power. Earth is the main component of nature which connected to taste, sound, touch, smell, and sight, and in this way applies the most extreme impact on us. The Earth component offers to ascend to common sense, firm nature, deliberate approach and flexibility. Class and reasonability are characteristic of an adjusted earth component while resolute and pleased nature is the consequence of overabundance earth component. Earth is a major magnet system having North and South shafts. In all livings Throat, digestion tracts and knees are influenced by the Earth component. Its principal attributes are sound, touch, frame, taste, quality. 
Nature element Earth principally works at our feeling of smell, different territories incorporate muscles and solid bones, organs, and fat. Earth components incorporate, hair, bone, skin teeth and organs.

Prithvi mudra in Yoga: Prithvi mudra – an exercise by finger which cures the shortcoming of inadequacy of minerals and vitamins in the body, by doing this you can increase the inner strength of the body, this mudra reinforces the body from back to front along these lines fortifies the brain and therefore empowers a man to be in cheerful perspective.

Benefits of Prithvi mudra in yoga.

1. The body increases resistance and tolerance
2. It additionally conveys and adds to the quality or the radiance and furthermore brilliance to it.
3. This mudra helps support the blood dissemination in the body.
4. This Mudra is closely related to the earth component with the effective Sun, it conveys and increases the strength of the body.
5. Helps to reestablish and adjust the body in all situation of natural seasonal changes, and reestablish body harmony.
6. Helps in contemplation, concentration.  
Earth prithvi7. It likewise increase the weight of the body, helps individual to put on weight if there should be an occurrence of powerless and fit bodies. 
8. It avoids the shortcoming of immune deficiency, weariness, bluntness and conjures prana in the body.
9. It likewise actuates the reasoning force of nature 5 elements and the fundamental components which constitute our body are spoken to by our hands. any irregularity or changes in these essential nature components is the reason for illness.
Mudras are the motions of Specific folds, shared situating or stances of thumb with different fingers speaking to a specific component to expel that lopsidedness, mudras are the type of yoga practiced by individuals to keep up wellbeing, and by sick individuals to make a change in their health.
The Earth Element in the body means our association with the earth, earth is a component which is present in our body. We may bring more earth power in our body through yoga, we may center establish, a firm base of help, associating with the earth power in our body. Ordinarily, in our lives, we turn out to be as well grand in our contemplations and need to come practically to feel grounded and secure. In adjusting stances, our strength is encouraged by developing our association with the Earth. Some of the time the Earth likewise alludes to the Planet that we call home investigating our association with our Planet and the excellence and marvels that it holds which we are on the whole mindful to save. The Earth component is spoken to in the Root Chakra of the body in human. 

Here are 3 postures in yoga to increase the Earth power. 

2.Posture of Hare
3.Hunching down Pose
4.Creature Pose

In a human body, this develops as energy, collection and support, the muscle tissue, fat tissue and critical parts of your bones depend vigorously upon earth component. Earth component communicates as cool, steady, substantial, thick, and hard. 

When a person expresses a sound association with earth component, he feels stable and established. Candidly you are grounded and certain, however adaptable. You settle on all around thought about choices and don't falter in completing them. 

How is the Earth Element spoken to in the body? 

The Earth component is spoken to in everything that is strong inside the body your bones, muscles, and tissue. In yoga (asana), we regularly center around the legs and feet and our physical attachment with the Earth.

What are the characteristics of the Earth element? 







Increasing the power of the earth element in the body.

Yoga Mudra the only way to increase the power of earth element in the body is closely related to, meditation, concentration, and strong link of body and mind.  
when a person dies all the 5 elements of nature Fire, Earth, Sky, Water, and Air are goes return to their place. How earth enters the body, earth enters the body through the sustenances we devour,a born child is the content of all nature 5 elements,earth component gives the structure of all nourishment,is found in the biggest sums of all food we got,the earth element from foods like vegetables,grains,and nut meats. Earth element found in dairy items and in little sums in organic products, flavors, and vegetables. At the point when an overabundance of the earth component is taken into the body, as happens with gorging, the tissues of the body are furnished with an abundance of crude material for building new tissues. Existing structures wind up bigger where an expansion in the measure is conceivable, and they end up both thicker and denser where the potential for longitudinal development is restricted. Overabundances of earth that surpass the body's ability to change over it into different structures are put away in the body as a piece of the medas fat. The research found that a patient with a lot of the earth component in the body uncovers a strong body, tough skin, solid fingernails, vast muscles, and coarse, thick hair. 
In the cycle of life from born to death, earth speaks to the gestational period inside the womb where the fundamental structure of the body is shaped. Amid this time, legitimate maternal sustenance giving the fundamental earth component is basic for appropriate development and improvement. An absence of earth component right now can for all time cripple a baby. The earth component keeps on assuming an imperative part in the improvement of the youngster until the point when development is finished.
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