Kundalini yoga for spiritual power yoga steps and yoga exercises of Ether space or Sky.

Ether space element power Mediation, and yoga positions.

The element Ether or Akash is one of five natural elements that we will talk about now. It is the main component of the five nature components that don't have a perishable quality. It is the sky or the ether as we see most widely recognized thing in the universe. It has the quality of energy and sound, which we can not see but we feel its presence in our body, you can see the presence of Ether when you are in yoga and meditation, you can hear the sound and feel the great energy of the Akash when you are completed all yoga course.
Sky or Ether energyAkasa or Ether implies the sky, space. It is the fifth component, with other 4 elements the stuff of which divine beings and heavenly creatures are made. It is likewise the stuff of the souls. It is everlasting, indissoluble, limitless and indestructible. It is the finest and subtlest of the considerable number of components. 
A person who has yogic forces can really feel into the sound of the Akash, he feels the supernatural energy in his body. It is this component that connected the living souls to a definitive Supreme reality. It is heard as the main sound and it is as yet installed in this element, which we can increase the power of this element in our body through yoga an exercise that makes you a spiritual human being, for example, a person can enter the dead body through his spirit, and spiritual power, after living his own body.

All the nature 5 elements are interrelated with one another. Spiritual development.

In the universe, the Human body is the creation of 5 components.
Air component- Breath air in the body

Earth component- Bones and Muscles in our body
Water component- Blood in our body
Space component- Emptiness inside the body
Fire component- Heat temperature in the body

On the off chance that any one component is taken out we can not survive, without these elements body will die, we can not survive. Our body contains the different type of energies like Bio-vitality energy, magnetic vitality power, electrical energy, mechanical energy, chemical energy. These are the basic energies that run the body. These are called Basic Force or Pran Shakti. Any changes in the five components there is more changes in the Pran Shakti or basic vital power. 
Ether, or spirit in the universe, is the space in which everything happens. It can be essential as in gravity or tricky as with instinct. 

Mudras for the Ether component which is the exercise of center finger.Yoga positions, yoga steps.

It is identified with our feeling of hearing, in a house, space component is the (brahmasthan)identified with the middle segment. It is to be noted that brahmasthan be kept open and light. Any changes in the element, unsettling influences in the space component will directly affect your development 

Associating with the fifth element. 

Maybe the spiritualists and sages had the appropriate responses from the start. As indicated by traditional Vedic or Ancient Hindu logic, the created universe is involved vibrations. They too had faith in the five components of nature, with the fifth being a vibrational recurrence or sound vitality. Regardless of whether you can't hear the sounds, the vibrations are still there at different frequencies. They exist and are utilized for creation and indication. 
                                                                                     The element Ether or akash       
Element power of skyIn yoga, the energy we got from the 5 elements is the supernatural energy that is related to the word (Om). It is viewed as a powerful word, the starting sound and recurrence vibration. It is regularly called the general sound. On the off chance that you need to by and by interface with the fifth component, start by droning and reflecting (meditating). Do it in a simple way.
Easily sit in a normal position and rehash the word Om rationally or verbally. Do not do it in fast. Rehash the word in a musical way and you will see the supernatural energy in the body. You feel more energy entering in you maybe you feel empowered and stimulated, Continue the process. 
We may never completely comprehend the fifth component and all its supernatural energy. However, we can acknowledge how it associates us with the universe and all of creation. Grasp and make the most of its uncommon secrets and perfect light. 

Yoga poses to increase the sky element in the body. Spiritual development.  

  •  Waterfall Pose 
  •  Lion's Breath
  •  Savasana 

The process of how the components work inside our bodies. 

Properties: Clear, light, inconspicuous and interminable 

Aakash, Ether 

sensory Facility: Hearing 

Sense Organs: Ears 

Akash (Mudra of the Sky)

In a normal position Curve your knees slowly and take a seating position. Behold your neck and back straight. Touch the tips of center finger and thumb and keep other three fingers straight. Keep your hand on your collapsed knee, make sure to keep palm confronting upwards. Place your hands at the collapsed knee with a concentration that palm is looking up and put a little weight on joined tips and unwind whatever is left of your hand. Practice the mudra every day for half an hour. 
Akash Mudra yoga is valuable for individuals who are facing disorders like heart issue or pulse. Normal routine with regards to this mudra is known to make strong the bones and you feel the spiritual and supernatural power in your body.

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