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Leucas cephalotes Dronapushpi, Guma, Mediclin benefits in Ayurveda

Dronapushpi Plant Ayurveda

The plant leucas cephalotes,is a grate usedd in supplication in hinduisum,which the plant is loveable for ruler shiva,it develops in areas from himalaya to kanyakumari,vegetation are in little length,and white shading flowers,the scintific name of the plant is leucas cephalotes(Roth) sprengel,belongs to lamiaceae family.Leucas cephaloptes is an erect, yearly plant with a hefty, spread stem cycle 30-60cm tall,leaves are shade in green,the plant develops in all kind of soil,locally we can discover the plant in any place.
Leucas cephalotes Dronapushpi, Guma,Leucas cephalotes which creates in stormy season has been usually used as smooth stimulant,diaphoretic and used as a piece of treatment of numerous infection like fever and liver disorder.Study was finished to look at restorative businesses of the plant in pharmacognostical and phytochemical screening.Morphological examinations shows that the leaves,stem, root, sprout and seed has proximity of various investigative characters and uses.In more studies,Leucas cephalotes leaves exhibited the closeness of vascular bundle,sessile glandular trichomes, palisade and anomocytic stomata. Vivid calcium oxalate, pericycle, bicollateral vascular bundle specific cambium was found in the plant.Auxiliary xylem was found in root.Slag regard and extractive regard was settled for quality standard of solutions. 
It is a standard medicine of india,Karnataka,Kanyakumari,Gujarat. The plant class Leucas consolidates around 100 Asiatic and African species. It is a gainful treatment cure for snake bite.The plant is useful in bronchitis, aggravation,asthma,dyspepsia,loss of movement and leucoma.The leaves are important treatment in fever and urinary discharge and contaminations.

Leucas Cephalotes is generally speaking extensively used by common people of North India to treat distinctive hard illness afflictions including irritation.Along these lines,exhibit consider was grasped to affirm the plant in therapeutic and ayurvedic world.

Leucas cephalotes Dronapushpi, Guma, 

The Plants has grate  highlights that are broadly utilized in production of customary drug to cure numerous ailments, for example, cough,cold,diarrhoea and fiery skin issue.

The plant has various hidden features that are extensively used as a piece of standard pharmaceutical to cure various ailments,for illustration, fever, cold,looseness of the guts and red hot skin issue.

Ayurvedic benefits of Leucas cephalotes (Dronapushpi) plant in treatment of various Disease. 

Ayurvedic benefits of Leucas cephalotes (Dronapushpi). 

The plant is used as a piece of the treatment of malarial fever,Itching,Swelling,Headache,Cough,Joindice,Snake poisan and more.A paste of the plant is flooded with mustard oil and associated remotely will cure the body disease.Herbal drink of the plant is used as a piece of the treatment of urinary challenges and infections.

Restoratively, it has exhibited that it has antimicrobial, insecticidal,fever reducing, larvicidal and bothering diminishing properties.It is significant in an extensive variety of skin diseases.In malarial fever, the leaves juice is strong which slaughter the fever bacteria.In customary Ayurveda the decoction of whole plant is used for curing fever like disease.The juice removes toxic substances and microorganisms from body.The leaves juice is associated remotely for skin sicknesses and swelling.In cold and cough,the leaves juice is recommended.

Chamical found in the plant. 

Ayurvedic uses of Leucas cephalotes (Dronapushpi)









Unsaturated fats


Pain relieving



Cancer prevention agent

Different names









The plant is developed in all spots from the wild for adjacent use as a sustenance and medicine.The plant is produced for therapeutic and ayurvedic use in India and is sold in neighborhood markets.

The blooms,blended in nectar, are used as a family unit answer for hack and colds.

The oil is separated from the seed oil. It contains labellenic destructive.

The plant is a vital homeopathic drug, used for the treatment of ceaseless intestinal ailment and asthama.

Ayurvedic advantages of Leucas Cephalotes(Dronapushpi). 

1.High fever 
Take four leaves juice of leucas cephalotes plant,blend 1/2 teaspoon of pepper powder,and and drink the mixture,two times in a day,is the cure of fever.
Take 3 spoons of root,and leaves juice of leucas cephalotes plant,mix 1 tea spoon of hony,mix the segment nicely,drinking the mixture,will treatment from hack.
Harbal drink of leucas cephalotes plant is powerful treatment of processing.
4.Ache in stamuch in childrans
Take 6 teaspoon juice of leucas cephalotes leaves,1 teaspoon of ajwa (karjur) powder,ingesting the agrigate will solution for stamuch torment in childrans.
5.Irregular menstrual cycle in women
Drinking 4 teaspoon blossom juice of leucas cephalotes plant,every day early in the day, in empty stamuch,is capable cure of unusual hormonal vacillations.
6.Bloodless,headeq,and snake bite
Drinking the flower juice,is the effective treatment of,headeq.
applaying the leaves juice or leaves paste on the affected snake bite area will,immidiatly dispose of the toxin from the body.
7.Skin illness 
Entire plant of leucas cephalotes is utilized as a part of all kind of skin diseases,The plant is dried.Take Five grams of dried powder and three grams Neem/Margosa leaves and 2 glass water.boile the blend till it lessen to one fourth.drink the blend 2 times in a day is powerful cure of skin sickness.

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