Water is the most essential element of life,element of water in Mediation,Yoga steps Classical element water for natural energy.

Element of water in Human beings.

Water (Jal) is one of the five component of nature, the component of Water is related with the signs Scorpio  Pisces, and Cancer in astrology, it additionally runs the Fourth, Eighth and Twelfth Houses. Water is related to components like liquid, streaming, faltering. The water component is closely related to the person's feelings.
Water is the means of all liquid chemicals in the human body.
Every component is in charge of various structures in the body.Earth element frames consist of strong structures,for example,bones,substance,skin,tissues,and hair.Water element contains spit, pee, semen blood, and sweat. Fire shapes yearning, thirst, and rest. Air element is in charge of all development, including extension, compression, and concealment. Space shapes physical fascination and aversion, and dread.
Water element and power
Water element or Jal is the second component of nature which has two characters as in the Earth i.e. endless in the state of the molecule and (Work) be it as a waterway, lake or ocean are perishable. As from ocean or waterway water vanishes to be in the sky as a cloud on the other hand in the state of rain it descends on earth. So the everlasting molecule is just changing its work or state of work and what we see is the perishable form. From the sense organ point of view, we can touch it to feel and taste it also. 
Water is an incredible need of all beings in the universe, without it, nothing can live. Just earth and water can deliver a living soul.water is the most important in the human body to live without the water element we can not win the spiritual power in yoga.
Water is the start of all things and the above all else components and most intense due to its dominance over the rest. Water gobble up the earth stifles the fire, climbs on high, and by extending forward as mists challenges the sky for their own, and the same tumbling down turns into the reason for everything that develops in the earth. 
The Water Element Related with characteristics,for example,clean,stream,delicateness,and flexibility,the water component is recuperating,healing,and feeding for all levels of our being,which Review the quiet solid of a wellspring,an unwinding day by the ocean or the restoring surge of a waterfall,water improves us feel good and make clean everything.
The initial five of these Chakras compare straightforwardly with the 5 components of nature, Earth, Water, Fire of processing, Air and Akasha (ether, or space).In the act of Meditation and Yoga, a person figures out how to advance and adjust the stream of vitality and capacity inside the Chakras, with the goal that we can accomplish our most prominent potential, insight and accomplish the greatest wellbeing as people. This is vital, on the grounds that the more prominent our wellbeing and limit, the more prominent we can offer ourselves in service and dedication to spiritual way. 
Water is the component related to the third or sacral (chakra), which is the seat of our feelings. We develop smoothness and liveliness, as well as delicate quality also a specific level of affectability as we bring more water into our training. Our yoga turns out to be all the more sustaining and less powerful. 
Water is likewise contained in the pelvis, administering and developing the hips, so the below postures are centered around carrying you into the waters of our low guts (where the highest points of the legs meet the middle). Welcome and practice a greater amount of the mitigating, liquid characteristics of the water component into your yoga exercise with the postures.

Do the steps of yoga which represents that objective your pelvis like.

  • Spotlight on extending your stretches, and discharging pressure and natural feelings
  • Master breathing systems, for example, the Ujjayi breath—to mirror the floods of the ocean
  • Incorporate stream think (waves) in your grouping

Practice the mediation of yoga the postures and reflection poses below that straightforwardly bolster your association with the water component. 

  • Undulating Dog 
  • Moving Bridge Pose-Setu Bandhasana 
  • Low Lunge Pose 
  • Baby Pose yoga-Ananda Balasana 
  • Cobra Dance
  • Frog Pose of yoga-Mandukasana 
  • Bound Angle Pose yoga- Badhakonasana 
  • Pigeon Pose yoga-Eka Pada Rajakapotasan. 

Yoga's recuperating supernatural power is bound up in self-development flexibility, inner hunger satisfaction, from outside body pressure, regardless of whether that implies opportunity from dependence or negative behavior patterns or obliviousness. The kleshas are dividers that hinder our self-realization, blinding and shielding us from accomplishing our development and cool living. The mediating exercise that yoga can grant, effectively is natural healing power in human beings happy and stress-free living.

Yoga steps to improves Health for natural power. 

  • Consummates your stance 
  • Enhances your adaptability and reduce stress 
  • Forestalls ligament and joint breakdown 
  • Constructs positive muscle quality 
  • Ensures your spine 
  • Make Stong your bone health 
  • Builds your bloodstream flow 
  • Improve blood pressure
  • Channels your lymph and increase the immune system of the body
  • Improve your heart rate 
  • Drops your circulatory strain 
  • Establishes a solid way of life
  • Improve the whole body balance.
  • Makes you more joyful 
  • Reduce Sugar and BP level 
  • Make you positive and focused
  • Encourages you center 

Water is the most essential element of life, an element of water in Mediation, Yoga steps Classical element water for natural energy, Element of water in Human beings, water
water is the most essential element of life, Classical element, Yoga, Health for natural power.,Yoga steps, Mediation, the element of water.