Cloves spice clove essential oil benefits and health benefits

Lavang oil uses cloves for teeth

Clove or (Lavang) is an exceptionally regular kind of flavors that are broadly utilized for special cooking and used for different purposes. Botanical name of lavang is (Syzygium aromaticum), It is likewise conspicuously utilized as a part of Cigarettes for its special flavor. It is utilized to make lavang oil, as a clean and notwithstanding for other therapeutic purposes. Its flavor is because of the nearness of a compound called Eugenol, which gives an exceptionally solid smell. Aside from the flavoring benefits, Cloves are additionally notable for their medical advantages and have been customarily utilized as a segment in getting ready solutions for different health problems.
Clove LavangClovetree is an evergreen tree which belongs to the myrtle family (Myrtaceae). It can grow and reach up to 12 to 15 meters in height 
The product is frequently used for the preparation of dishes in every home it is known for its outstanding and health supplement. 
Clove, much the same as numerous different flavors beginning in Asia, has an incredible history behind it. In historical view the thirteenth and fourteenth hundreds of years, cloves have transported the distance from Indonesia to China, India, Persia, Africa, and Europe. Today, clove is an essential business product all around the globe.

Different names


Sanskrit-Lavang, Devkusum, Sriprasoon 










Cloves are one of the flavors indigenous product used in Asian countries like Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and even territories of East Africa. It is a local product to the Maluku islands in Indonesia. They are a prominent flavor product utilized in different ways all over the world, especially in Asia and cloves frame a culinary base in various diverse Asian cooking styles. 

Nutritional facts of Lavang Clove 

Per 100 grams Lavang contains 

Cholesterol 0 mg 0%

Fat 13 g 20% 

Calcium 63%

Polyunsaturated fat 7 g 

Calories 274 

Monounsaturated fat 1.4 g 

Sodium 277 mg 11%

Trans fat 0.3 g 

Sugar 2.4 g

Soaked fat 4 g 20% 

Vitamin C 0%  

Vitamin D 0% 

Vitamin B-6 20% 

Vitamin B-12 0% 

Potassium 1,020 mg 29% 

Carbohydrate 66 g 22% 

Vitamin A 3%

Dietary fiber 34 g 136% 

Magnesium 64% 

Protein 6 g 12% 

Health benefits of Lavang

Health Benefits of Lavang is........

Cloves spice clove essential oil benefits and health benefits

Lavang is a great medicine for the stomach illness, it helps in calming and relaxing the inward coating of the digestive organs and in this manner assistants in healthy digestion. This flavor can even be compelling in diminishing a vexed stomach. 
Most used for the treatment of Cough, Lavang can likewise be utilized for helping the throat create mucus and serve as an expectorant which makes hack less serious. 
It has pain relieving properties that assistance in easing tooth and gum disease. 
Lavang is a good medicine used for skin problems, applying the lavang paste to the external skin which cures the harm ivy and sunburn problems. 
The anti-microbial property helps in eliminating microscopic organisms and parasites that live in the stomach related tract. Use incorrect measurements, can likewise be of good in diminishing exorbitant swelling and gas. 
The mixes introduce in clove serve as antihistamines that assistance in keeping the sinus ways open and clear. 
It serves as a compelling solution for every one of those patients who experience the ill effects of asthma. 
1. Cure upper respiratory contaminations.

2.Culinary flavor in both sweet and Savory dishes. 

3. Clove is likewise valuable in alleviating cholera

4. Oil of clove is utilized as a part of confectionary, Pickles, Sausages and so on. 

5. Lavang contains an outstanding pain cure properties with a fine flavor giving warming properties. 

6. Lavang is the treatment of a toothache. 

7. Lavang is utilized as a part of Pickles, sauce, prepared nourishment, cake, pudding, syrups and so on.

8. Lessen irritation.

9. Treat scratches and wounds. 

10. Lavang helps in good digestion 

11.Upgrade sexual wellbeing. 

12.Air freshener 
You can prepare your own everything common to air deodorizer in a home with oranges and cloves. Boil the orange peels with a couple of bits of cloves in water and let it stew. The aroma will dispose of uninvited scents and impactful smells in your home.
13. Skin breaks out buster. 
On account of the eugenol found in cloves, cloves can be utilized to help forestall skin inflammation breakouts. You can make a face mask with ground cloves, honey, and a couple of drops of lemon juice. Keep it all over the face for around 20 minutes and afterward, wash the face do it for at least 3 days in a week for good result.

14.Toothache Cure 
Clove oil can be utilized as a characteristic painkiller for toothaches. This is a direct result of its normal analgesic property that mitigates torment and uneasiness that emerge from depressions and other dental and gum issues. 

cloves as an all-characteristic option for mouthwash. Cloves will rouse your breath, as well as will give you mitigating and antibacterial advantages too. Common clove mouthwashes which comprise of a blend of equivalent measures of water, cloves and different herbs like rosemary and mint.

16.Treatment of sickness
People who are suffering from pain and sickness,lavang is an herbal medicine to cure the disease people more often suffering and experience the ill effects of elevation ailment as a result of the sudden change in barometrical weight. Taking 2 measures of a clove mixture can help mitigate height affliction by diminishing the blood and enhancing the oxygen supply to the brain.

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