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papaya fruit tree source of vitamin c uses and health benefits

Papaya diet papaya fruit leaf vitamins

Papaya the fruit color in an orange shaded is a natural fruit we see in some home gardens, park etc, papayas are not just fragrant and delightful it is exceptionally solid and healthy fruit in the universe. It has been well known for many years and was once called the (fruit of angels) by Christopher Columbus. Papaya has a rich source of a wellspring of vitamins and minerals that are the basic need for healthy working of our body. It is popular fruit for its delicious taste, a rich source of nutrition and sunlit shade of the tropics and can be eaten as a natural fruit in the crude frame, a smoothie, a milkshake, or it is used as a vegetable in different food formulas. 
papaya fruitEating papaya gives you a lot of medical advantages as papaya has the power to cure danger of heart disease, diabetes, Cancer, helping in the treatment of stomach related disease, enhancing blood glucose control in individuals with diabetes, reduce blood pressure etc.
Papaya tree possesses a lot of circular or pear-molded organic products clustered together close to its top end of the trunk. They are in different sizes extending from 6-23 inches long and 4-10 inches in measurement, the scientific name of the tree is Carica papaya is an origin of Central America and Southern Mexico.
The papaya tree first developed in Central America and Southern Mexico, presently it is developed in all countries in the world.
Papaya fruit contains a chemical called papain, which can separate the intense protein chains found in muscle meat. Along these lines, individuals have utilized papaya to soften meat for a huge number of years. 
Papayas are the fruit of angels, the organic product which is amazingly rich in Vitamin C has an extensive variety of medical advantages making it an extraordinary and healthy incredible natural fruit alternative to add into your eating routine. 
It is a local plant of Central America, which is more developed in the Caribbean coast, it is a sacred tree by the Mayans for its different ayurvedic medicine properties. The organic fruit are not by any means the only portion of the tree that was viewed as important, the leaves, seeds, and blooms too have the much extraordinary power of cureness of big hard disease.

Different Names

Fruit of the Angels
Kannada-Pappayi Hannu 
Telugu-Boppayi Pandu 

Nutritious contents of papaya 

Papaya has bunches of energy supplements and is of high wholesome advantages. 
Every 100 gram of papaya is having the accompanying supplements. 

Calories-39 kcal 

Vitamin-0.04 mg 

Vitamin B2-0.05 mg 

Vitamin B3-0.338 mg 

Vitamin B6-0.1 mg 

Vitamin B9-38 mg 

Vitamin C-61.8mg 

Protein-0.61 gram

Papaya treeCarbohydrate- 9.81 gram 

Sugars-5.90 gram
Dietary Fiber-1.8 gram 

Fat - 0.14 gram 


Iron- 0.10 mg

Vitamin A-328 microgram 

Calcium-24 mg 

Potassium-257 mg

Phosphorous-5 mg 

Medical advantages papaya health benefits  

papaya fruit tree source of vitamin c uses and health benefits

1.Reduce weight 
A single papaya fruit contains 120 calories which are the great vitamin for weight loss. If you want to reduce the weight and want to maintain a balancing body and figure intending to get in shape, you must add this light organic fruit to your eating diet. It is highly recommended for women who want to maintain a balancing body and shape.

2. Papaya gives you young and healthy skin   
Papaya makes your skin healthy energetic and solid. The antioxidants source of papaya fruit is in charge of killing the bacteria of free radicals, free radicals which cause skin harm, listing, and wrinkles. A single papaya contains a rich lycopene and vitamin C, apply the fruit juice of papaya on the skin at least for one month in every night before sleep likewise helps in lessening the indication of early aging. 

3.Reduce cholesterol 
Papayas fruit contains a rich source fiber, vitamin C and cell reinforcements and re-production properties that reduce cholesterol develop in your supply routes. An excessive amount of cholesterol develop can hinder the conduits totally, causing a heart attack. papayas juice is the best diet to reduce the cholesterol drinking 2 times a week reduce the cholesterol and risk of heart attack.

4.Cure irregular periods and fluctuations 
Make a habit of drinking papaya juice every day,4 times in a week cure irregular periods and fluctuation problems.P papaya produces warm in the body and empowers the hormone estrogen, which prompts periods. 

5. Papaya is the cure of inflammation 
Papaya contains a rich source of proteins like chymopapain and papain, which cures aggravation in the body. The cancer prevention agents property in papaya diminishes the inflammation markers in the body. Various disease is caused because of endless irritation, make a habit of eating papaya once every week will cure this inflammation. 

6. It decreases skin break out (acne) 
Papaya is an exceptionally powerful fruit in treating various skin issue. It can be utilized to treat skin inflammation, blackheads, dry skin etc. Simply apply the paste of the papaya fruit on the affected skin of your body, keep it for 30 minutes and wash the skin in cold water, do the process for 1 week for good result. You can also apply the mixture of papaya juice and aloe vera gel on the affected area to reduce the skin related disease. 

7. Papaya reduce worms 
Papaya removes worms. It expels worms from the stomach, take two spoons of papaya seeds and honey mix well-eating every day in the morning in empty stomach for 1 week is the cure of worms. The seeds, leaves and white milk of papaya can likewise be utilized to clear the intestinal worms. 

8.Papaya for fair and healthy skin 
Applying the Papaya face pack is one of the best tricks for a fair, and healthy skin. Its advantages are extraordinary which disposes of skin break out, blemishes, wrinkles, pimples, blackheads and dark circles as papaya opens the pores on the skin and clear the skin. Papaya's papain removes dead cells and develops new cells. The cancer prevention properties vitamin C, vitamin E, lycopene and beta-carotene in papaya helps in skin protection by vanquishing free radicals.  
9.Boosts Immune system
Immune system which is must for the healthy functioning of the body, it fights against different bacteria and disease, bacteria which makes you extremely sick. Papaya can give you 100% of Vitamin C, eating 1 single papaya in a week give you more immune power it increases the more immune system, as a result, you can fight disease without a medicine. Papaya battles various hard disease and kills intestinal worms bacteria. 

10.Reduce Cancer Risk 
The chemical that papaya seeds contain is the extraordinary medicine to keep the growth of cancer cells from growing because of the substance that it contains, acetogenin. Research has found that papaya seeds and papaya leaves are extraordinary medicine to fight cancer cells and keeping cancer disease away. People those who are suffering from cancer disease drink papaya leaf tea every day you can mix papaya seeds over it to keep up a healthy body.

11. Papaya is a source of good digestion 
The organic papaya fruit contains papain, a chemical which assumes a key part in the digestion of proteins in the body. Papaya is a standout amongst the best home medicine to treat touchy entrail disorder stomach related disease. Drinking 1 single glass of papaya juice after a meal is beneficial for healthy digestion. 

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