How to cure pimple under skin and get rid of pimples for beautiful face

A natural way of treating pimples under skin how to remove pimples on the face

What are the pimples, a pimple under skin refers to acne that we see naturally on face,it is normally developed beneath the skin surface,we see these problems mostly in young people,it is not a big issue, but people take this as very serious, especially ladies, they always think of cure these pimples, because pimples under skin  make ugly face, these are not noticeable from a distance, it is caused by cyst nodule. 

These pimples develop from a combination of sebum oil, bacterial infections, and dirt under the skin in your pore, it results in infection under skin pores, and it develops a hard pimple under skin.
treating pimples under skin
Do not touch your face every time

A pimple under skin is painful, and it develops, day by day, women mostly face acne problem, because of the hard makeup, it makes the skin pores block, result in infection in pores, and develops pimples. In some cases, hard pimple under skin develops by hormonal changes for both male and female, how hormones change in our body? it depends on the climate they live, Food intake, excess oily food Fungal infection, folliculitis, and dry skin etc.

Cause of pimples

The cause is different, it depends on how often your skin cells change 
It is affected by your hormonal changes and its balance in our body.
It depends on family history if, in your family everyone face pimple and acne, it matters.
How to cure a pimple under skin

Hormonal changes are the normal process, leads to change in the body, it depends on the climate you live, the food habit etc. This change affects our body health, hormonal changes may lead to developing pimple under skin . 
2.Extra sebum
Sebaceous glands production is different from people to people, sebaceous glands produce too much sebum, result in oily skin and develop pimples.
Bacteria exist in all type of skins, develop a pimple under the skin, it arises by dirt and hormones, and oily skins, it surrounds the whole skin and multiplies fast, results in pimples.
The interaction of bacteria and the blood cells to fight the bacteria, the red cells reduce the unwanted bacteria, this is called inflammatory response.

Types of a pimple

1.Whitehead pimples
Pimples develop in oily skin type, here the oily skin means the excess energy in the body, make skin oily, excess energy develops various types of pimple under skin. To cure these acnes, you can try applying some natural remedies like you need to wash your face 3 times every day, the most effective treatment for these type of acne is Lemon, Drink lemon water every morning will definitely cure these pimples, it kills the bacteria and pimple under the skin.
How to cure pimple under skin
Blackheads are sebum, the dirt and oil entered the pores it becomes a deep pimple under skin, becomes blackhead, it looks ugly face, the natural treatment is possible. To remove these blackheads you can use chemical exfoliation, and beauty creams, if possible try to close open pores of your skin.
It is a small raised bump on the is a group of other papules.
Pustules is a zit that has come to a head, develops a white, pus-filled bubble on top.
It develops under the deep skin, and the reason for this type of infection is hormonal changes in the occurs when the pores become blocked and it leads to infection and develops a hard pimple under skin.

Effective pimple treatment remedies, How to cure a pimple under skin

Treating pimples depends on the cause of the infection and the type of pimple under skin. The option here will vary depending on the cause, you must know the cause of infection, means how these pimples are developing under the skin after you know the exact cause of infection you go for the solution. If you are using beauty creams and chemical to control pimples I recommend you to first consult a specialist, before use of any cosmetic creams. Here I give some natural Home remedies for treating any type of pimples for any type of skin, you can try these natural way of treatment in your Home.
pimples under skin how to remove pimples on face

Here the commonly used natural and simple home remedies to cure pimples under skin

If you are suffering from hard pimples, lemon is the best natural solution, lemon contains citric acid which is a strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent kills bacteria under the skin, you can use Lemon for any type of skin, just drink one glass of water every morning with lemon juice. You will see the result in 3 days, it is more effective, and sure can learn more about Lemon use and benefits
2.Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera contains a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-itching properties, apply the Aloe vera gel on the skin before sleep every night, will give you best result, it reduces acne, it kills bacteria, that developing pimples under skin. Learn more about Aloe Vera
3.Drink more water
Drinking water every morning in empty stomach is the best way to reduce acne, make a habit of drinking at least 1 liter of water every morning, water cleans the unwanted bacteria from the body, and cleans the skin and reduce acne.
4.Wash your face with warm water
Here this is recommended to you, wash your face with warm water 3 times in a day, warm water kills the bacteria and pimples under skin, it cleans the pores effectively, and reduce pimples, do this every day for best result.
5. Eat healthy food
Fruits and vegetables are recommended, avoid excess oily food, another important thing here is you must sleep at least 8 hours at night, it makes you healthy, and energetic.

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Pimples on the skin is a natural disease actually it is not the disease it depends on hormones in our body, it is better not to touch skin every time, it is a process development of a healthy body.